The official afterparty of Laskiaisrieha


Tickets 13e / 13.5e / 15e
in advance / / at the door

Tickets are sold:

Undergraduate center, Alvari Lobby: 20.2. - 24.2. and 27.2. 10am-2pm.
Medical School (Haartmaninkatu 3): Meilahti, 20.2. 10am-2pm
Viikki (Biokeskus 1): 21.2. 10am-2pm
Porthania: 22.2. 10am-2pm
Kumpula (Physicum): 24.2. 10am-2pm
Arabia, Ayy Service Point: 23.2. 10am-2pm
Shrove Tuesday Celebration (Ullanlinnanmäki), 28.2. 12pm-4pm

Tickets are also sold at AYY's Otaniemi and Arabia Service Points
20.2.-28.2. during the opening hours (you can only pay with the card).

There is an extra bus on the line 102T to Otaniemi leaving at 1:50am and
it leaves from 103's platform but drives the same route as 102.
Also, free buses to Otaniemi leave from the entrance of Apollo at 2.
40am, 3.20am and 4.00am.